Dr. Liu has experience in many facets of patent law, including U.S. patent preparation and prosecution; foreign prosecution; patentability and infringement opinions; reexamination; patent portfolio development, analysis, and valuation; and patent landscape analysis. He has extensive experience in chemical related arts including chemical compositions, synthesis, and processing. In addition to the chemical related arts, Dr. Liu has experience in other technologies and disciplines including oilfield technologies, nanotechnology (e.g., carbon nanotubes, graphene, etc.), smart materials, rotating machines (e.g., turbines, compressors, I/C engines, etc.), additive manufacturing (e.g., 3-D printing), bearings, waste heat recovery systems, heat pump systems, refrigeration systems, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CCNG) technologies, Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) technologies, and metallurgy.

Prior to joining MH2, Dr. Liu was an attorney with the law firm of Edmonds & Nolte, PC, in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Liu’s scientific background includes work in advanced materials including self-healing inorganic films for flexible electronics (e.g., OLEDs, solar cells, etc.), nitric oxide releasing smart bandages/fibers for the preservation of donor organs, conductive polymer fibers for solar cells/OLED applications, electrospinning of composite polymer fibers for photovoltaic applications, and electrospinning of proteins for bio-fuel cell applications. During his scientific career, he was selected as a finalist for the Collegiate Inventors Competition for his graduate work in nitric oxide releasing smart bandages. He later filed a patent application for the smart bandages, which issued as U.S. 9,216,198.

Bar Admissions

  • Texas


  • Juris Doctor, South Texas College of Law
  • Ph.D., Chemistry with a focus on Materials Science and Nanotechnology, The University of Texas at Dallas and the Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute
  • Master of Science, Chemistry with a focus on Materials Science and Nanotechnology, The University of Texas at Dallas
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Minor in Biology, Southwestern University

Professional Affiliations

  • Houston Intellectual Property Law Association
  • American Bar Association

Representative Publications & Presentations

  • Liu, H. A.; Gnade, B. E.; Balkus, K. J., Jr. A delivery system for self-healing inorganic films. Advanced Functional Materials 2008, 18, 3620-3629.
  • Liu, H. A.; Balkus, K. J., Jr. A novel delivery system for the bioregulatory agent nitric oxide. Chemistry of Materials 2009, 21(21), 5032-5041.
  • Liu, H. A.; Zepeda, D.; Ferraris, J.P.; Balkus, K. J., Jr. Electrospinning of Poly(alkoxyphenylenevinylene) and Methanofullerene Nanofiber Blends. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2009, 1(9), 1958-1965.
  • Liu, H. A.; Balkus, K. J., Jr. Electrospinning of beta silicon carbide nanofibers. Materials Letters 2009, 63(27), 2361-2364.
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