In keeping with our client-centric philosophy, we have built a firm grounded in mutual respect, trust, autonomy, and support. We hire slowly and meticulously, with the quality of our team always at the forefront of our priorities. Our clients’ projects are staffed with the same carefully-selected attorneys from case to case, providing consistency and stability, and the opportunity to build a solid rapport. We believe attorney retention, longevity, and satisfaction plays directly into client experience, and we are confident that our clients receive exceptional portfolio management, attention, and care.


Each of our experienced attorneys has at least an undergraduate degree in engineering or science, and often advanced degrees as well. Many are former U.S. patent examiners from the U.S. Patent Office. A majority of our attorneys have been employed as engineers/scientists in high technology industries, which allows us to work with a variety of inventions ranging from simple mechanical inventions to more complex software inventions and nanotechnologies. All MH2 patent professionals have extensive and significant patent prosecution experience. We draft and file hundreds of new patent applications each year, and prosecute an even greater number of pending cases. Our attorneys have all had exposure to other facets of patent law, but have chosen prosecution as their niche.



In establishing a core team of attorneys to work with a client, our goal is to produce the greatest possible efficiency and highest quality work product by developing a familiarity with a client’s patents, products and services, legal personnel, and style of work. While we identify team leaders, all members of the MH2 team are available for direct contact by the client, ensuring a prompt response to any questions or issues that may arise.