Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical

MH2 works with innovative biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to protect and maximize their valuable intellectual property rights and assets. New discoveries in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries advance at a rapid pace and their commercial applications require a law firm that has a comprehensive grasp of the intellectual property legal issues and the experience and industry expertise to understand the science and strategic implications of the advancements.

Our clients include global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as emerging start-up companies and university and research foundations. We represent clients across a diverse range of technologies, including RNA interference, CRISPR, monoclonal antibodies and related binding proteins, vaccines (protein and nucleic acid based), immunology, chimeric antigen receptors, DNA and protein molecules, diagnostic and therapeutic methods, including oncoimmunology, neuroscience, signal transduction, genomics, nucleic acid amplification and sequencing methods, DNA expression vectors, microbiology, fermentation and cell culture methods, transgenic plants, plant biology, yeast expression systems, drug screening, bioinformatics, stem cell differentiation methods, small molecules, novel crystalline forms, lipid-based nanoparticles, and drug formulation, including various release technologies.

Our team is made up of skilled patent attorneys with years of experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology arts, including FDA-approved pharmaceutical and biological products. Almost all of our attorneys have advanced degrees and relevant industry or research experience. Many of our attorneys also have litigation experience. Relying on this experience, our attorneys develop and execute prosecution strategies to protect clients’ products and analyze those of their competitors, thereby helping clients maximize the value from their intellectual property assets. We also have extensive experience preparing opinions addressing patentability, validity, infringement, and inventorship, as well as conducting diligence for mergers, acquisitions, licensing, and partnering opportunities, including drafting and negotiating numerous types of corporate agreements, including acquisition, product development, distribution, supply, licensing, and research agreements.