MH2 Attorney Timothy Hsieh to Speak on IP Issues Raised by AI Inventions

MH2 Attorney Timothy Hsieh, PhD, will speak on the challenges and issues of patenting artificial intelligence (AI) inventions at the 19th International Workshop on Holistic Structural Integrity Process to be held February 10-13, 2020.

MH2 Attorney Jeff Leaning on Technical, Legal, and Social Issues Around Patenting Blockchain Inventions

MH2 Attorney Jeff Leaning, PhD, on Technical, Legal, and Social Issues Around Patenting Blockchain Inventions- Blockchains are an emerging technology that is the focus of much research and development. With his background in cryptography, math, and software, MH2 attorney Jeff Leaning is at the forefront of helping clients patent their…
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MH2 Representation in the Amazon Utility Patent Neutral Evaluation Procedure

MH2 Technology Law Group LLP is pleased to announce that we are now representing clients in Amazon’s new patent infringement evaluation program, which is known as the Amazon Utility Patent Neutral Evaluation Procedure. Under this program, a patent owner who believes possibly infringing products are listed on is able…
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MH2 Law proudly announces that Larry Galvin has been elected as the Counsel for the Naval Submarine League, an organization which stimulates and promotes an awareness, by all elements of American society, of the need for a strong submarine arm of the United States Navy. As the Counsel, Larry serves…
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USPTO Finalizes Revised Patent Fee Schedule

The USPTO published a Final Rule today in the Federal Register entitled, “Setting and Adjusting Patent Fees During Fiscal Year 2017.” The fee changes in the Final Rule are effective on January 16, 2018.