USPTO Schedules Inaugural Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies Partnership Stakeholder Meeting

The USPTO announced the inaugural Artificial Intelligence (AI)and Emerging Technologies (ET) Partnership stakeholder meeting will take place on June 29, 2022. The AI/ET Partnership will provide an opportunity to share perspectives, experiences, and insights, and foster opportunities to collaborate on the intersection of intellectual property, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies such as quantum computing, synthetic biology, blockchain, precision medicine, and virtual reality.

According to the USPTO, the AI/ET Partnership meetings will highlight the USPTO’s AI and ET-related initiatives and will explore various IP policy issues impacted by AI and ET. These meetings will also include discussions on how AI and ET are being leveraged within the USPTO to serve stakeholders, while fostering public trust by promoting trustworthy and responsible use of these technologies.

The inaugural meeting will include a panel discussions on important patent policy issues such as subject matter eligibility, disclosure requirements of AI inventions, and the implications of AI’s increasing role in the inventive process in some fields. Discussion of the effectiveness of current patent laws and USPTO guidelines that incentivize innovation and investment, and ways in which the patent system could evolve to encourage and protect AI and ET inventions will also occur.

Additional information can be found here.